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Personal Journal:N/a
Other In-Game Characters:N/a

Character (Original Universe)
Name:Lydia Deetz
Age:uncertain, though stated to be 14 in one episode.
Canon:Beetlejuice--cartoon series
Canon Point:Not-specified (The series doesn’t really do continuity as such)
History:A lot about Lydia is left up in the air, and inconsistent or contradictory between the movie and the cartoon series, but I focus on the cartoon canon.

She’s an only child, to Charles Deetz, and lives with him and her step-mother Delia, in upstate Connecticut, in a town called Peaceful Pines. Despite being her ‘step’ mother, Delia and Lydia seem to have a not unpleasant relationship, even if they’re sometimes at odds on their interests. Sometime during moving to Peaceful Pines, Lydia discovered the house they live in is haunted, and has gained the friendship (and somewhat the leash) to a pranking ghost known as Beetlejuice. She is able to summon him by saying his name 3 times.

She attends Miss Shannon’s School for Girls, and doesn’t really seem to have a lot of friends. This is usually fine by her, as she gets along with Prudence (a brain) and Bertha (a tall gangly girl) just fine, and is content for the most part to let others pass her by. Only one girl really torments Lydia for being different--Self-absorbed Claire Brewster who’s also rich and snooty.

On gaining Beetlejuice’s friendship, she has traveled repeatedly to the Neitherworld for various adventures with him. She actually has more friends and fits in better there, than in the normal world. She has a full-incantation she can recite which seems to ‘warp’ dimensions somehow to bring her to the Neitherworld, usually by means of a ‘door’ in the warped-version of her bedroom.

Given her adventures, she’s shown a lot of interests and aptitude in a variety of skills--especially in the Neitherworld. (She helped Beetlejuice to build his dragster-of-doom, Doomie, for example.) In the real world, she has also shown aptitude with sewing and costuming, photography, and writing. She’s also shown to not be terrible at golf, although she doesn’t really enjoy it.

Neither of her parents are aware of her friendship, although both are aware of her acquaintanceship with Mr. Beetleman, who is at various times a Handy-man, a tour-guide, and who knows what else. They also know her friend “Betty Juice” well-enough, even accepting her into Delia’s Happy-Face Girl’s troop. Delia is often blithely aware to the strange goings-on when BJ is around, but Charles is high strung and fearful, and a favorite target of pranks. Lydia doesn’t mind some of the pranking, but often reins BJ in from his more malicious tendencies.

Personality: Lydia is a generally fairly cheerful and friendly, if a bit eccentric 14 year old girl. She likes to live on the slightly spooky and creepy side of life, finding the beauty in even the grossest or weirdest of things. This often puts her at odds with what most ‘normal’ people are interested in or like, and she can be teased and shy because of this. Generally she tries to not let it get to her, but there are definitely times she’s not above a bit of revenge-pranking (usually with Beetlejuice’s help). Her most common target is popular girl Claire Brewster, who never fails to make fun of or generally be mean to Lydia.

The major blind-spot Lydia has with her eccentricity is occasionally not recognizing just WHY someone else might not find going into the creepy haunted forest fun, or think that the little dung beetle is the cutest thing ever. Sometimes she’s oblivious about other’s reactions, but is never malicious about it to her friends. She’s actually very protective of, and wary in those situations, on those she cares about behalf, when they wander into strange situations that Lydia herself would be fine with and at home.

She’s very creative, which might be a side effect of her having few friends in the real-world beyond Bertha (slightly awkward socially) and Prudence (a bookworm), or Beetlejuice in the Neitherworld. Thus she has engaged in some more solitary pursuits like costume-designing, writing, photography (a big hobby of hers), and sewing and crafting to go with a dramatic streak. She’s also fond of older horror movies.

Her friendship with Beetlejuice is usually seen as odd, and she’s actually more like his ‘leash’ than anything else--although it is clear he truly cares for her and doesn’t want to upset her. She gets along well with other neitherworld residents that he tends to drive crazy. While she has a prankster streak along with Beetlejuice, hers trend more towards the playful and mildly gross; both because she’s unable to emulate BJ’s weirder and more out there-pranks, as well as because he has a bit of a more malicious streak than she does. Lydia is definitely kind-hearted and tries to see the good and beauty in everyone, no matter how strange, monstrous, or gross. Overall she tends to march to her own beat, and while happy to go solo, thrives best when one or two fellow-free spirits join in.

Third-Person Sample:
Mognet Sample:
To Whom it may concern among the Heroes of Chrysalis,

Lyds wants your help. She is fascinated by us and wants pictures kupo. If you’re interested in posing for a sketch, or even better--if you know how she might get a camera able to take photographs kupo, as well as resources for developing those photos... I'll get the message to her kupo. Course, I told her I was already the most interesting moogle kupo, but she wants others as well. Diversity, y’know that I love it kupo...

--Lydia Deetz (via Betel-Po)

Moogle Name:Betel-Po!
Moogle Gender: Male, with slightly shaggy blonde hair and striped patterns dyed in his fur.
First Job:Vampire--Lvl 1
Second Job:Scholar--Lvl 1
Limit Break: ”Day-O!” Lydia raises her arms, and calls forth an illusory skeleton trio of musicians playing calypso music. This distraction either casts Confuse on the enemy party, or allows her allies (and herself) to Escape.


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