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Artwork by my friend Eijanaika

Name: Lydia Deetz
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Canon: Beetlejuice (The cartoon series)
Link to Application: Here!

Moogle Name:Betel-Po
Moogle Gender: Male, with slightly shaggy blonde fur around his head and pom and striped patterns dyed in the rest of his fur.

Primary Job: Vampire--MAX
Initial: Night Life Doubles strength, defense, senses and skills' effectiveness during nighttime.
Initial: Silent Is utterly quiet throughout all actions: walking, breathing, touching, etc.
One Month: Blood Thirst Regenerates energy upon drinking the blood of a living being.
Two Months: Battle Thirst Increases all stats upon killing an enemy.
Four Months: Regeneration Automatically regenerates and heals from wounds over time.
Six Months: Absorb Stats Steals physical and magical might from the enemy and adds it to your own.
Nine Months: Charm Controls the mind of an enemy or ally (50% chance of failing).
One Year: Rise from the Dead If killed, revives within two to ten minutes (once per day only).
Silver Shard: Transformation Turns into a bat.

Secondary Job:Ghostbuster--MAX
Initial: Particle Thrower Emits a positronic ionized stream of proton energy to attack the enemy.
One Month: Dark Light A black flashlight revealing all that is invisible.
Two Months: P.K.E. Meter A devices reading and tracking signs of paranormal activities.
Three Months: Containment Unit Allows to capture and store ghosts away.
Four Months: Power Surge A burst of energy quintupling the strength of the proton pack for ten seconds.
Six Months: Dark Matter Generator Creates exotic particles that can absorb energy from supernatural entities.
Nine Months: Radio Communication A radio allowing Ghostbusters to communicate between them.
Twelve Months: Atomic Destabilization Converts solid matter into ghostly Entities.
????????????????? Cross the Streams Total protonic reversal causing all life to end instantaneously. Maybe.

(Advanced Job)
Initial: Magic Conversion Enables to use all functions of the proton pack through magic.
Vampire: Ghoul Powder Potions that can turn any living being into an uncontrollable demon.
Ghostbuster: Incantation Summons a monster from the interdimensional rift.
Final: Necromancy Revives and control the corpses of dead people, animals and monsters.

Held in Reserve
Onion Knight
One Job: Job Master Expands the Job limit from five to ten.
Three Jobs: Multi Exp Stored Jobs receive 1/4 of exp even when unequipped.

Initial: Libra Allows to see an enemy's strengths and weaknesses.
Initial: Mad Scientist Casts a buff on an ally (+ 25% speed, agility, attack, magic or defense)
One Month: Fast ReadingReads and memorizes books three times faster than a normal human.
Two Months: Stats Lore Doubles the effects of items and buffs.
Four Months: Enlightenment Doubles the attack power of all allies.
Six Months: Elemental Tomes Casts an elemental attack on an enemy (earth, wind, light or darkness).
Nine Months: Flare Very powerful non-elemental attack spell (single target).
One Year: Translator Can understand any language, written or spoken.

Dragoon Lvl 2
Initial: Jump Leaps high into the air before quickly descending to attack an enemy.
Initial: Crescent Moon Attacks all enemies at once.
One Month: Lancet Absorbs life energy from an enemy (weak).
Two Months: Spirit Surge Raises endurance and agility (five minutes).

Bard: Lvl 4 (EXP orb)
Initial: Victory Fanfare A song that restores 1/5 of all allies' health when played at the end of a battle.
One Month: Battle Scene A song that boosts all allies' stats by 15% when played during a regular battle.
Two Months: Spoony Bard Makes the bard virtually invincible, but leaves them unable to do anything.
Three Months: Boss Theme A song that boosts all allies' stats by 30% when played during a boss battle.

Engineer: Lvl 3
Initial: Puppet Master Gives control over a puppet of Ancient design.
One Month: Tools Can use a multitude of working tools as weapons in battle.
Two Months: Leg Aim Inflict damages to the legs of an enemy, preventing movement (40%).
Three Months: Arm Shot Inflict damages to the arms, preventing weapon use and spell casting (25%).

Limit Break: ”Day-O!” Lydia raises her arms, and calls forth an illusory skeleton trio of musicians playing calypso music. This distraction either casts Confuse on the enemy party, or allows her allies (and herself) to Escape.

Housing: B-13

Possessions: Camera(Regain from home), Bicycle (built by MarKus), Bike-basket/frame for carrying things (scavenged/adapted by Lydia), Paintings of Doji Makoto's estate (gifts from Makoto), Sword (Rapier), Dagger, Racing Bicycle (Look-brand) with multiple gears (Regain/left behind by Manami Sangaku), Imperial Motorbike (Left-behind/gift from Olivier Armstrong), Meteor's axe (and some other misc.),

Padded armor
---basic light armor that accounts for movement but provides no bonuses

Spike Shoes
--adds water damage & shoots balls of light, cloth armor

--- increases critical hit chance
--- allows for casting
--- adding Water Crystal for water attribute/damage at no charge


Yellow Talisman
--- +2 Defense
--- 10% chance to avoid being stunned
--- add Monster Crystals, will glow when monsters present

Employment: Student

Link to HMD: TBA (For now reply to this post)
Link to Permission List: TBA (For now reply to this post)


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