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Here are the presents Lydia has for her friends and allies for Starlight 2017.

Akane Kurashiki Lydia doesn't know Akane well yet, but she'd get a candid photograph of her Brother (taken as a test, but it turned out well) and a card from Lydia.

Santa Kurashiki A decorated card, along with some surreptitious test-photographs that are mostly background shots (although one is of him) for the calendar. Along with a promise to help out still.

Rukia Kuchiki A card with a little spooky-bunny plush.

Chiaki Nanami A hand-drawn picture from memory, as much as possible, of her father along with Jacques. (He looks like a skeleton here though because that's how Lydia remembers him best.)

Sephiroth His is wrapped very carefully and has "Fragile" all over it. The box is well-wrapped, and there's a note on top that says "Please read first." The text inside reads I hope this will be a welcome gift. If it isn't or you don't want it for whatever reason, I will get you something else. ~~Lydia. P.S: I have the negatives for this kept safe too. Inside the wrapped box, is a framed photograph. It shows Terra and Sephiroth, slightly off-center as it's a candid-sneaky shot, as they watched fireworks during the Festival of Light.

Selphie Tillmitt Selphie gets a card, and then a small plush moogle that's hand-sewn. It's not up to Lydia's usual standards, so there's a note attached. Dear Selphie-kupo, I had Lyds help me with this, as I'm not a sewing person of any kind. I hope you like it kupo. --Betel-Po

K'Pandolu Tohka A leather journal with a card. Lydia hopes K'Pandolu can use this to help write down all the memories we're making, so we can remember our friends in dark times.

Lust Lust receives a nicely decorated card, and a copy of the picture Lydia took of her during the Festival of Light.

Ira (Riku Replica) Ira gets a large box. Wrapped inside is a bunch of clothing, since he's had a growth-spurt. Most of it's black, and it includes a hooded jacket, a casual hoodie, and a loose hooded coat. "Dear Ira, I hope this all fits, considering you had your new height now. ~Lydia

Johnny D'Amico Johnny gets a card decorated in the style of an old fanzine, as well as a promise for Lydia to take some photos of him performing if he wants.

Ales Mansay Ales gets a framed picture of himself standing tall, where Lydia had taken it around the Festival of Light. It's slightly from below, as he was standing on crates at the time, and looking determined and not-quite-heroic. It was wrapped very very carefully.

Nanami Kiryuu Nanami gets clothing. A slightly medieval, but nice gown for formal occasions or if she just wants to feel fancy; and a slightly less dressy casual dress, that she can layer as she wants.

Sheena Fujibayashi Sheena gets a card, and a cute and sneaky blouse for layering.

Gifts she's received:
A booklet of coupons to the Aqures Ixen Starlight Food Festival (Ales)
A very sad attempt at a snowman doll of herself that as a sort of creepy charm. (Ira)
Camera designed for distance shots. (Mystery Santa)
Dark Make-up pallet (Aoi "Santa" Kurashiki)

Camera Film from her requests to Santa(s)!
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So, Lydia would've done Christmas-presents for people she is close to.

Ales--two coats, gothic in style. One she'd promised for him coming back safely, one just because.

K'Pandolu--A cute and slightly spooky dress

Nanami--A neat, hand-made pillow and a plain diary.

Manami--She was going to make him a new biking jersey, but...he turned into crystal. ;_;

Yuffie-- A casual and cute hoodie, inspired by the vampire Job

Zelda--A lovely gown for formal occasions.

Sephiroth--A coat and a jacket

She's had to guess at sizes, and there are sketches of proto-designs in one of her sketchbooks, but she hopes everyone likes 'em.


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